Dog Hypnosis (One Hour Transformation for Men)(Request)


Hypnosis: Stop Biting Your Nails (Request)



Sorry Pooh Bear

Friday morning. Had myself an interesting week spent with testing out my developing skills on willing subjects.
It was mostly fun, except last night when my subject got ill during the experiment. I blame myself but he said it's not my fault. I feel terrible nonetheless. Sorry pooh bear. =(


Ending the Night on a High Note

Feeling so good right now I can't even tell you guys how much. I had one wonderful day. I had a great morning for reasons only Jeff knows why, and then having the delivery of my microphone a day early than it was scheduled for. Then i received The Best words of encouragement from a viewer who melted my heart with his words. I have a script I composed ready to start recording for, I had fun with my first Facebook poll, and now to top it all off, as I close my night, checked Twitter for the last time tonight and to my surprise, Vince is following me back. So unreal,so marvelous. And just loving it, loving it all. Thank you everyone for  a great day.


Reviewing Requests

Taking sometime this afternoon to review what requests have been done, and which are still pending. First come first serve. I also have to remember to serve myself because one thing is to make videos and make my viewers happy, but I also have videos I'm interested in doing too. I can't just overlook my own video wishlist. 

I had a great start to my day still reveling in the excitement of last night's email from Vince, of which I still would like to reply back to. Later this morning, I got nicely surprised to learn that one friend took it upon himself to purchase a microphone I've been really needing. He may not have liked me doing these videos in the beginning, but he sure has changed his tune now. I wonder if him watching my newest video 'Hypnosis for Men - Red Hot Trigger' had anything to do with him changing his mind.. 

It probably help motivate him for sure, haha  =)

Any guy interested in viewing the Red Hot Trigger video should go to my youtube channel page. It's currently the featured video.

Vince Lynch training - Learn Street Hypnosis Course

If you don't know who I'm rambling on about, here is a Youtube video featuring him doing what he does best- Street Hypnotism


I've had the most amazing night. And after one too many nights recently where I was discontent with my progress with some videos - dealing with all that just made this night sooo very very sweet!  One of the most renowned of hypnotists in the world replied to my email and I'm soooo THRILLED and excited. 

I hope you guys know Vince Lynch. I mean, most of my viewers are Americans, but this guy travels the world performing and teaching hypnotism. I'm so utterly ecstatic, hyper.. tingly.. =)  It's such an awesome feeling having a celebrity like him contact me AND also comment on my channel and my progress! He actually wrote that he's jealous of me and my views! Ha!

I don't want to come down from this cloud I'm on! 

Vince, if you're reading this, you are an inspiration. Love you!

If you want to know more about Vince, here is the link to his website:




Hypnotic Optical Illusion Vids

Ok, got my video uploading to Youtube as I write this.  Now, I already said that this Invisible Hypnosis was not my idea, it was a viewer request. Honestly, I don't know if it will work or not, but it is meant to only have 10 minutes of after trance effect. I made it only 10 minutes because I can't really imagine working any longer than that.  Another reason I have my doubts is  only because I have not yet experienced any optical illusion myself. I also had my doubts about the other optical illusion video I made called "Lady in the Mirror", but just tonight I received an email from a viewer that said it successfully worked on him. I was stunned to say the least.

Well, now with the Invisible hypnosis yet another optical illusion, I guess I will go ahead and make a playlist of this hypno genre.

Slow start this morning as was tempted to just stay curled up in bed. Did some comparison shopping online for a new microphone with the help of one of my viewers (now one of my favorite viewers). Thanks so much Dima. I'll have to whip up a special video just for him for lending his help to me.

As expected, the fam is over and looming around, but that's ok, because I loves my niece and nephews.

Now, on a different note, I've reached over 20, 000 views on my videos! Feels like I something to celebrate. It doesn't compare to the 3 million my friend has on his, but it's still worth cheering for. =)


One take after another ... recording and recording... and the audio is just not sounding like I want it sound. It's the acoustics in the room and needing a better mic. Oh and like 80 percent of my problems recording today were interruptions. Constant interruptions. Can't do any more tonight, not sure tomorrow will be any better. Sundays are always 'family days". So can't imagine I'll be better off getting this recording done tomorrow than I did today.
So I'm going to try to mellow out and relax, watch some videos and zone out and maybe feel better after I do.


Hypno Break Video

Decided to post pone the "vampire" stuff for now as I wait for the viewer to respond to an idea I had for his request. So next request up.. deals with invisibility. The only way I see this working is making this video for 2 people - a two person hypnosis, one going into trance, the other is someone they can trust.So I'm planning on making this before the end of the day. I can only imagine that it may be effect at most 10 minutes, because it relies on your peripheral awareness and not inner sensations. It will be a very short post hypnotic experience, but viewers can just consider it a bit of hypnosis fun with a friend as a break from the ordinary day. We can always use a short quick hypno break.

One thing I think viewers may look forward to is that I'm going to be getting a better microphone really soon I hope. One of the guys who at first wasn't supportive, is now ready to show that he is, so he says he wants to buy it for me. Knowing him,  he means to do it, so I know I'll be having a new microphone any day now. 
Crossing my fingers but not holding my breath.... =)