Tuesday, September 1, 2015


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Saturday, August 29, 2015

MP3 Downloads Coming to Google Play


Hypnotic Entertainment DownloadsComing to GooglePlay:

The Velvet Cage Hypnosis:
Prepare to lie back, relax and surrender to Mistress. You feel submissive, but are you submissive enough? Can you imagine how submissive you'll become after being locked in the Velvet Cage.

Mind Hacker Hypnosis 2
The Sequel to Mind Hacker Unit Hypnosis featuring Jacqueline Powers. Fans of the first Mind Hacker video have been asking for this sequel since the first one was made. This is a hypnotic experience quite different from any of my other videos. The use of stereo headphones is highly recommended.

My Hypnotic Control - Reloaded with Remastered Audio
Hypnotic and Hard to Resist

Lights Out Hypnosis
Did you know that it's possible not just to hypnotize you but to actually control certain areas of your mind?  Enjoy privately. Stereo headphone is highly recommended. I was hypnotically inspired when I made this.. Thank you... you know who you are.

Healing Hypnosis
Hypnosis Help Session: Losing Someone You Love
This is a therapeutic hypnosis session designed to help the listener who is struggling with the various emotions that a person goes through when he or she has lost someone they loved. This is a sensitive subject and I recommend that you only listen to it if you can relate to losing a loved one. I made this hypnosis recording because I want to help anybody who is struggling dealing with the grief of losing someone very close to their heart. I hope it helps you heal. 

Making this recording brought out a lot of emotions in me. This year I lost some one I loved incredibly. 
This recording is dedicated to the loving memory of my mom.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Youtube Hypnosis in the Spotlight

Youtube Hypnotists and fans of hypnosis get recognition in this online article written by Sophie Kleeman, writer at mic.com . It's a good read that I recommend. Check it out. 

Jacqueline Powers

Welcome to the new Hypnotic Entertainment Site!

After a long break from this blog, I'm now back. This time with a domain. I'm looking forward to posting updates as they come. Much has changed since I last posted to this blog. I'll be sharing what those changes are and I'll be better at keeping you all informed of the new developments.  For now I thank you all for your making my Youtube Videos and Channel one of the most popular there is of hypnosis on Youtube. 

Jacqueline Powers

Monday, November 11, 2013


To my friends and followers -  
 Some of you have shown your support with donations and tributes which all have been appreciated greatly. This month you can show your support by also supporting education. My nephew's elementary school is running a fund raiser until November 20th. They have the items that are for sale available to view and purchase online.  

 However I can't share my nephew's private information.  

 So those of you reading this with a generous heart - 

 If you want to donate to help support education as well as give a gift to me or even donate to give a gift to my little nephew, please take a moment to check out the link to the fundraiser online: 


 If you see any item from the fundraiser you would like me or my nephew to have, please: 
 1. Message me here on Facebook with the item number 
 2. Then send your donation to pay for that item by sending the donation to my Paypal account: missjacquelinepowers@gmail.com  

 If you have never sent me a donation, tribute, or a gift before but have wanted to, this would be a great way to show some love and support for me now.  

 -Jacqueline Powers-

P.S. -  He can win some cool prizes if he sells enough fundraiser items. So you not only make me smile, you make my little nephew smile too. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


It is possible to increase breast size by using hypnosis. For this to work this video will have to be watched daily over the period of at least one month. Will only be effective on women viewers. Not recommended for men. However, I'm quite sure men will be watching this video still. Either which way, ladies and gentlmen - Please enjoy.

Here is the link to download the Mp3:


Don't resist Mistress and always surrender to the hypnotic vocals of Jacqueline Powers.